About PMIC

With hundreds of projects to its name with major corporations in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemicals, ProMach Innovation Center adapts to the needs of its customers to ensure that each project is a success, and that each customer is satisfied.

Innovation comes through us

Innovation comes from an unexpected situation, a problem that does not seem to have a solution, or methods that are no longer satisfactory. Our team has understood this well and your challenges are the reason we exist.

The ProMach Innovation Center offers concrete solutions to complex problems. Its creative engineers are specially trained to generate innovative ideas based on a global analysis of the situation. As design masters, they then transfer ideas from imagination to reality to offer effective results adapted to the realities of machines and packaging lines.

With hundreds of innovative projects to its credit, our team is well suited to help you stay competitive. To realize your most ambitious projects, benefit from our personalized approach, taking into account every aspect of the situation. The ProMach Innovation Center is a strategic partner in your growth and success.

Nothing is left to chance, it's our ingenuity at the service of your company.


ProMach Innovation Center (formerly Jalbert Automatisation) has been created in 1997 by its founder Luc Jalbert, an engineer in production automation.

After having made the company prosper for more than 20 years, Mr. Jalbert decided to sell it to the ProMach group in January 2017.

Since then, the company name changed to ProMach Innovation Center, Steve Boissonneault took over the management role as General Manager and the company continues to grow year after year.

We are located in Quebec, Canada, about 30 minutes North of Montreal

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